About Note Variety

Note Variety- founded by Cynthia Wilson in 2015 is passionate in showcasing and supporting all creative artists. We do this through our social community connecting creative professionals and their audiences through virtual and community events. 


Everything we produce:

  • We believe in testing strategy
  • We believe in creative thinking




  • Be a part of a business focused website.  This means we are focused on providing a variety of product options for all of our members from each independent business represented.
  • Meet and network with other members. Our atmosphere is designed to cross-connect with other members and support each others dreams. 
  • Free Radio Advertising. Singers, Musicians, Composers, Authors, have the opportunity to have their music played through our "Something to Say" radio show.  
  • Community Mixers. A great way to network where every business will be showcased. (All members receive 50% off all events)
  • Chat Rooms and Groups. Be a part of our chat rooms and invite friends.  Create a group or host an event. 





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*Formerly New Soul Management Founded in 2010. 

Note Variety, LLC

Philadelphia, PA 

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 87 

Phoenixville, PA 19460